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kanna Kitchen space at HDC KOBE 3F . Kitchen combining black super matte material and black wood.900mm×2500mm Island type kitchen and backboard.All the dinning side is stored, while the kitchen side has a tall storage of the sliding door and upper wall cabinets and drawers with the flip-up door. Miele’s dishwasher and IH cooking heater are built in. We stick to the color and product it. It unified into black and dark gray all. When opening the drawer , the lighting is turned on automatically.

Wall storage in the apartment.
There is a window on this wall but we set up furniture hiding it.
This time the case of delivery of TV board and cupboards.

We made furniture according to the refrigerator, so it looks like a built-in one.
How to use the lighting is also important in making the kitchen look good.
You need labor and cost but we want you to try it for your satisfaction with your life.