Order furniture store Kanna founded in Kobe in 2001.

We started designing and building shop and furniture etc. of apparel maker in 1992. We launched a furniture brand in 2001 and started making original furniture. Even if we used a lot of solid wood and natural wood, we are taking the concept of creating it to deluxe modern. We can propose all of living space such as furniture making, new construction, remodeling, home theater etc. Instead of choosing from existing manufacture’s part number, we will make that matches your needs. We can respond to all the needs because the craftworker who understood the design at our own studio. He has a responsibility to make it. Please also consult about audio. We are an authorized distributor of KEF, DENON, DALI, Marantz, B&W. Lighting, curtains, air conditioners, security can be controlled at once by iPhone or iPad. Please feel at our shop. We will correspond to customers all over Japan. More information for customers living in other area than Kansai and Kanto are announced at Flow.