Construction examples at Tokyo Minato-ku.
The bottom storage was made of solid walnut slits and top storage finished with gray paint.
The walls are stones, not tiles.

msu1msu2The original button sofa is also ours.
It is a dark gray fabric and has a calm atmosphere.

Examples in Yokohama, Kanagawa. fur1fur2Book shelf, cabinet, and dining table made of black cherry wood.We used imported fabric “A LINE” for chairs. The shelves are arranged asymmetrically bilaterally. fur3fur4A classic button sofa and ottoman. We used French moquette fabric of green and gray intermediate colors. Good texture, calm coloring gives a se se of quality. fur5On the back side, we applied a horizontal slit of original design.

We worked on the interior of the house of Ashiya residents.
We delivered 4 items, TV board, table, chairs, sofa.

nog2Walnut TV board. It is a feature that it seems to be floating though it is placed an the floor.

nog4nog3Popular 36 button sofa and ottoman.
We used the fabric of CRÉATIONS MÉTAPHORES. This company is a HERMES fabric manufacture.

nog1Black cherry basic dining table and taper leg chairs.
We put fake leather of American BRENTANO in chairs.

TV board combining black and olive gray panels with walnut material.
It is an example of sticking to asymmetric design.
If you actually see it you will like its. There is sharpness in texture, goodness of fit and balance.
There are many things that can be done because of order made furniture.
We also made Rumba Pit under the bottom storage.

Recently we are recommending furniture made with matte color materials.
This time we made furniture of black and olive color combination.
We thoroughly stick to toning and lister and made the texture better.
We secured the storage space by asymmetrical left/right design.
We are good at designing these furniture.