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kanna Kitchen space at HDC KOBE 3F . Kitchen combining black super matte material and black wood.900mm×2500mm Island type kitchen and backboard.All the dinning side is stored, while the kitchen side has a tall storage of the sliding door and upper wall cabinets and drawers with the flip-up door. Miele’s dishwasher and IH cooking heater are built in. We stick to the color and product it. It unified into black and dark gray all. When opening the drawer , the lighting is turned on automatically.

Kitchen storage incorporating white ash wood and oak wood based on white color.
While securing a large storage space, it became impression with no sense of pressure.

okms1We combined the vertical storage and the separate one to make the design asymmetrical.


Since the vertical part is made to be able to storage the door, it will not get in the way when working while keeping it open.
Also, the lower part was made to be suitable for storage of wagons and trash cans with casters.

okms2Kitchen appliances are often hot, so slit help to dissipate heat.
It is very convenient to open the door during work so that you can hide it as soon as when someone visit you.

osta3Kitchen made with hard maple material and island counter.
In the kitchen, we built domestic stove and oven, ARIAFINA’s hood, Miele’ dishwasher. 

Maple material and vibrated stainless steel are urbane sophisticated atomosphere.
osta4stak1stak2On the washstand, the Miele’s washing machine was built in and the mirror was fitted with a defrosting heat wire.

oskk1Island kitchen of teak wood, a backboard and a side counter were delivered.
A large Island kitchen of length 2900mm depth 1100mm.
A backboard also uses the same teak wood, and the back of the kitchen have 6 doors, and a refrigerator is also installed in the interior.
Counter store is arranged perpendicularly to store in the back and a work space is secured.

oktk1Example of construction of kitchen renovation.
We installed counter storage in ready-made items. We also made a backboard with the same material.
It is one way to make it a kitchen with a sense of unity at a low price.

oktk2We made the partition doors and flooring materials with unified material.
We can solve the problem of the kitchen now, such as changing the position of lighting and socket outlets and expanding storage space.

We will make only one kitchen for you in the world.

oktk3There are other cases, so please take o look.新規