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osta3Kitchen made with hard maple material and island counter.
In the kitchen, we built domestic stove and oven, ARIAFINA’s hood, Miele’ dishwasher. 

Maple material and vibrated stainless steel are urbane sophisticated atomosphere.
osta4stak1stak2On the washstand, the Miele’s washing machine was built in and the mirror was fitted with a defrosting heat wire.

oskk1Island kitchen of teak wood, a backboard and a side counter were delivered.
A large Island kitchen of length 2900mm depth 1100mm.
A backboard also uses the same teak wood, and the back of the kitchen have 6 doors, and a refrigerator is also installed in the interior.
Counter store is arranged perpendicularly to store in the back and a work space is secured.

akki1Kitchen of mahogany innocent material. A stove and drawer store were put on the type I kitchen. A sink and door store were arranged in a way of Island type.

■Hood:ARAFINA、■Water fauset:GROHE

The window frame which covers a wall in the kitchen back with 300 horns of tiles, and it’s teak in the side slit window, in the accent.

A handle of the drawer has not been put and it has been built into the simple design.
A stove had one made of domestic Herman built-in.
The excellent thing into which pizza and stew also build well when Dutch oven of an accessory is put in the anhydrous grill part.
A towel bar is installed in Island’s trash can store part, and it’s easy to use and it’s functional.


There are a lot of other partial remodeling and involvement for making over in a kitchen, and the building cost piles up.
I also come near to when building time is, but you can plan for cost cutting by doing so as not to change the location of the think and the gas equipment as much as possible when still having the long life of laying of the pipes.

It’s a custom-made kitchen, so it can correspond to every kind of kitchen making over.


megk1The kitchen made by processing oak solid wood with a painting method called wax finish.
This painting method is close to soap finish, but it can prevent dirt and stain to the same degree as oil finish.


We used vibrated stainless steel for the top plate.
Wooden draining board is our original.

Renovation case of the detached building of Tokyo Minami-ogikubo.

This time, a transformable Peninsula kitchen of an order and the eye type kitchen in addition to a barrier and interior.
A dining table, a chair, a desk, a bookshelf and the one of the television board are delivered.

shi7shi4The wax finish when a kitchen is oak and stainless top board.
Equipment is a food washing machine of MIRE and a gas stove of Rinnai.
shi5shi1shi2Basic dining table and 4 seats with an arm in taper leg.
shi3Desk, bookshelf and TV board.
A shelf next to the desk is record store.
A blender and a turntable were put in the desk and it was made the DJ booth.
An outlet is installed.
A seat in taper leg without elbows is two.
A tapestry of a television is unready, right pillar-like furniture is a television board.

shi6The sink of an order.
Wax finish of a top board and oak of artificial marble.
We chose a tile of glass.