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Renovation case of the detached building of Tokyo Minami-ogikubo.

This time, a transformable Peninsula kitchen of an order and the eye type kitchen in addition to a barrier and interior.
A dining table, a chair, a desk, a bookshelf and the one of the television board are delivered.

shi7shi4The wax finish when a kitchen is oak and stainless top board.
Equipment is a food washing machine of MIRE and a gas stove of Rinnai.
shi5shi1shi2Basic dining table and 4 seats with an arm in taper leg.
shi3Desk, bookshelf and TV board.
A shelf next to the desk is record store.
A blender and a turntable were put in the desk and it was made the DJ booth.
An outlet is installed.
A seat in taper leg without elbows is two.
A tapestry of a television is unready, right pillar-like furniture is a television board.

shi6The sink of an order.
Wax finish of a top board and oak of artificial marble.
We chose a tile of glass.

Smoked glass and walnut TV board.Stucco wall of delicately waving impression.Chestnut wood flooring and installed bed.
In the study we set up the top storage with slit and a desk.