A custom made white oak TV board.
It is colored in grey ash.
The back of the TV is tiled.

Next, this is a cupboard.
Japanese house is small, so we can’t put a lot of furniture in the house.
But if you want to storage a lot of dishes,
I will create the perfect furniture for you.

TV board with indirect lighting. It is controled lighting. This TV board has a slit door for remote control operation. Two doors of right side are double sliding. Because there is no space in front of the cabinet. The gray tile is so cool.

There was an order to change the fabric of the sofa that we delivered about 10 years ago. We changed the green fabric to dark red.The impression of the room changes just by changing the color of the sofa. This time, the  urethane inside the sofa was renewed.Since urethane composition is different from 10 years ago it became to last longer than before. They can be patronized for a long time. Furniture is also becoming like expendable items, but we are happy if we think about using for a long tine.