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Wall storage in the apartment.
There is a window on this wall but we set up furniture hiding it.
This time the case of delivery of TV board and cupboards.

We made furniture according to the refrigerator, so it looks like a built-in one.
How to use the lighting is also important in making the kitchen look good.
You need labor and cost but we want you to try it for your satisfaction with your life.

Recently we are recommending furniture made with matte color materials.
This time we made furniture of black and olive color combination.
We thoroughly stick to toning and lister and made the texture better.
We secured the storage space by asymmetrical left/right design.
We are good at designing these furniture.

Storage furniture filled with walls made of walnut material.
The wall is more than 5500mm wide.
Unlike stacking existing boxes, the overlap and thickness of the boards are uniformly finished.
Because the crafstmen finish at the work site, it fits perfectly on the wall.
The wall-hanging panel on the right side is mobile so we can turn the TV.


Storage furniture of snow-white color urethane painting and a wax finish door of the oak.
It has a coffee machine built-in in a center.
magwh1It’s an order, so the specification of the door, the material and the size can be changed completely.
A downlight of an LED was put in the glass door of the upper part.
megwh2It had a coffee maker made by MIERE company built-in.
Others can also have an oven and a steamer built-in.