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Recently we are recommending furniture made with matte color materials.
This time we made furniture of black and olive color combination.
We thoroughly stick to toning and lister and made the texture better.
We secured the storage space by asymmetrical left/right design.
We are good at designing these furniture.

Storage furniture filled with walls made of walnut material.
The wall is more than 5500mm wide.
Unlike stacking existing boxes, the overlap and thickness of the boards are uniformly finished.
Because the crafstmen finish at the work site, it fits perfectly on the wall.
The wall-hanging panel on the right side is mobile so we can turn the TV.

They ordered a dining table and a seat before, and we received request of repapering on chairs this time.
Well, the one designed for this customer is a trigger, and an original taper leg chair has been finished.
A dining table started also to exhibit this design as the original just as it is.

Last, it’s stuck, a place, for, it was fabric of silver white of HERMES subsidiary METAPHORES company.
This time is white fake leather of American BRENTANO company.

An indirect lighting and a downlight are often used by our furniture.
When establishing the brightness to raise the production as well as the occasion and the insistence established as need, it isn’t little.
The use and its effect are different in illumination depending on the put locations.
When I say about face washing, WON have the effect of both of the case that hand is made light and production. 
You’d be able to call only production installation of tame about illumination of a television board.

A few trouble and cost are hung on illumination, and how about adding production to a daily life a little?

We changed it so that it fits the room on the basis of the sofa which is exhibited in the Kobe shop.

Only order furniture can be made to fit the oblique walls exactly.
We finished in a nice atmosphere with a combination of black cherry wood and fake leather.

This window is attached to the existing window frame by laying another new one.
The frame of the vertical slit of black cherry looks like a Japanese style.

Solid wood changes its texture with aging.
The texture will be getting better year by year.